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Annylyn (Gestodene, Enthinylestradiol) – 21 tablets

Annylyn (Gestodene, Enthinylestradiol) – 21 tablets
Annylyn (Gestodene, Enthinylestradiol) – 21 tablets
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  • Model: Annylyn (Gestodene, Enthinylestradiol) – 21 tablets
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Uses for oral contraceptives

Annylyn : A combination low-dose oral contraceptive is Annylyn. Women who are prone to adverse effects from other progestogens, such as weight gain, headaches, depression, acne, and breakthrough bleeding, may want to take it into consideration.

How to Use Annylyn: The active components are found in tablets 1 through 21. (active tablets). Every day at roughly the same time, take the tablets in the sequence specified on the packaging. The recommended dosage is one tablet each day for 21 straight days, then a 7-day break from tablets. The day after the tablet-free break, the next pack is begun. On days 2-3 after the final active tablet, a withdrawal bleed typically begins and may not end until the new pack is started.

How to Start Annylyn:  No Use of Hormonal Contraceptives in the Previous Month: Day 1 of the patient's regular menstrual cycle is when she should start taking Annylyn (i.e., the first day of menstrual bleeding).

After a first-trimester abortion, the woman can begin taking Annylyn right away. There is no need for additional contraceptive methods.

Postpartum: Annylyn use should begin no earlier than the 28th postpartum day following either delivery in a nonlactating woman or a second-trimester abortion because the immediate postpartum period is linked to an elevated risk of thrombosis. For the first seven days after starting to use Annylyn, the woman should be instructed to utilize a nonhormonal backup method of birth control. However, if sexual activity has already taken place, pregnancy should be ruled out before starting to take Annylyn; otherwise, the woman must wait until her first menstrual period to start taking Annylyn.

How to Postpone a Period: The woman should skip the period where she doesn't take any tablets and immediately start a new pack of Annylyn to delay her period. Until all of the tablets in the new pack have been consumed, the delay may be maintained for as long as required. The lady could undergo breakthrough bleeding or spotting during the wait. The regular Annylyn dosage is then resumed after the customary 7-day tablet-free period.

Management of Missed Tablets: If active tablets are missed, especially if they prolong the tablet-free period, contraceptive protection may be compromised.

Brand Names: Annylyn 21

Generic Name: Gestodene 0.075 mg, ethinylestradiol 0.02 mg

Manufacturer: Various

Contents: Gestodene 0.075 mg, ethinylestradiol 0.02 mg.

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