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HEXIN (Niclosamide)

HEXIN (Niclosamide)
HEXIN (Niclosamide)
HEXIN (Niclosamide)
HEXIN (Niclosamide)
HEXIN (Niclosamide)
HEXIN (Niclosamide)
HEXIN (Niclosamide)
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HEXIN  is designed specifically to treat different types of and contains 4 tablets with active substances of Niclosamid and Phenolphthalein.

Indications: anthelmintic for the treatment of parasitic infections (Taenia Saginata, Taenia Solium, Diphyllobothrium Latum, Hymenolepis Nana)

Package Contents: 4 tablets containing the active substance Niclosamid and Phenolphthalein


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